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How to View & Use

Smartphone, Tablet & PC

EyeSiteView is natively supported on a variety of devices with intuitive navigation and movement. Utilising the touchscreen and gyroscope on smartphones and tablets and a mouse on a PC gives a simple, easy to use navigation from within the devices web browser.

Gesture Control

Our gesture enabled tours and experiences offer an intuitive no-touch based movement and control of our virtual / photographic environments. This exciting control and navigation method enables a supervision free operation of the 360 degree tour experience.

VR Virtual Reality

Our 360° explorations and virtual tours natively support virtual reality through use on smartphones and other devices. We have developed our own lightweight headset viewers or alternatively it is compatible with the widening variety of SideBySide VR headsets being made available, offering the capability of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) rather than supplying specific VR headset hardware.

Offline Standalone Viewer ViewStation

We have developed a stand-alone offline viewer (ViewStation) which can be used with any HD TV to easily and quickly bring the interactive explorations to users at any location, be it a sales office, marketing suite, museum or event.

No Plugin or Apps required

Our approach is for 360° explorations to be viewable without the need for plugins (such as Flash or Silverlight) or separate apps which require downloading from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Thus making viewing easy and seamlessly integrating with the devices web browser.


Try eyesiteview on your tablet, PC or smartphone


Simple & intuitive

Use requires no/minimal instruction due to its intuitive touch, move, explore interaction. Giving easy and immediate user operation on all the supported platforms.

Forward Thinking

Off-plan marketing and interactive digital engagement with your audience benefits from enabling immersive understanding of the space beyond what a plan or still visual can provide. Engaging customers or your audience without the need for physically creating the virtual spaces.

Our interactive marketing and virtual explorations are at the cutting edge of consumer and audience engagement. Our services can enable a competitive advantage through embracing the new technology and standing out from competitors.


Customers and audiences are more engaged and informed, potentially creating higher quality leads and interaction through the improved audience experience.

Instant Customer Engagement

Rather than wait for marketing suites to be completed or construction commenced eyesiteview gives an immediate solution to customer engagement, generating early leads and understanding of spaces.

Show More, Interactively Explore

Without the constraints of physically constructing environments, sites or show houses the potential to be seen and explored is greatly expanded. For new developments every house can be a show house and entered from the exterior Site Exploration. Different material finishes, design options, kitchen designs and development phases can be instantly compared and switched.

Multi Platform Viewing

Tablet, PC, Mobile / Smartphone, VR Virtual Reality, TV / Stand-alone. Support across the wide array of devices used by customers, clients and visitors without compromising the experience. Touch and gyroscope navigation is complemented with mouse interactivity on desktop and laptop devices. Our VR mode has inbuilt 'shake' navigation to move around without the need for buttons or magnetic sensors.

No Apps or Software

Our approach is for 360° explorations to be viewable without the need for plugins (such as Flash or Silverlight) or separate apps which require downloading from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, making viewing simple and integrating with existing web browsing easily.

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Example Videos see how it works

Immerse Yourself with EyeSiteView

Get a Head Start in Off-Plan Sales

Skyline Apartment Demonstration

Virtual Reality

VR Ready

Our explorable 360° visualisations are VR ready enabling use with smartphone or other headset viewers

VR Headset

We have developed our own lightweight VR headset which can be easily branded to your requirements. Contact us to find out more about the use of this with your event, marketing campaign or use with design review.


Available for many forms of instructions you can now expand your marketing prestige with our latest product. The new ultimate in off-plan sales and immersive customer interaction.

Introducting ViewStation

Plug & Play

Simple to install, all that is required is a standard HDTV and power supply.

Intuitive User Experience

Simple to use, the supplied remote utilises multiple navigation methods and easy to follow tuition if required.

Wireless active controller

The wireless controller allows free movement of the viewing, so the user does not feel trapped and pressurised by sales which is a drawback to viewing on a small monitor or sat at a desk in sales areas.

Automated Play

The ViewStation has auto play built in to enable the SE or VSH to be played as visual presences after a period of inactivity which then switches to navigation mode upon use.

Small Form Factor

Its contemporary sleek design is robust and small so can be positioned easily out of sight if required.

Network or no Network Features

Network attachment allows further options if required.

Demonstration video

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